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Carpet Cleaning Company

Carpet Cleaning Company

At Northridge Carpet Cleaning we are the premier Carpet Cleaning Company in the community. We are not attempting to boast, but instead we are confident in our ability to be the best carpet cleaning contractor in town.

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Residential Carpet Cleaning

Residential Carpet Cleaning

Are you a resident of this wonderful city and are looking for home carpet cleaning solution? You need to visit residential cleaning Northridge for professional upholstery cleaning services.

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Stain Removal

Stain Removal

Nowadays, there are so many possibilities to stain your furniture that very often it may be ruined completely. However, Stain Removal Northridge can save your favorite sofa or carpet and the methods and devices used are sophisticated and don’t damage the fabric or the fibers.

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Diligent and careful experts in mold removal for carpets

Here are some fresh ideas for efficient carpet cleaning. Clever tips for quick work and effective stain removal! Find out how to store and clean rugs, learn how to protect them from water and what to do when they are stained.

Carpet stain removal secret

There are certain types of stains that can hardly be removed on carpets. This is why you need assistance with general cleaning. Harsh stain removing agents will definitely not suffice. They could just worsen the problem and damage the entire carpet.

Key to carpet odor removal

Odor removal in carpets is a daunting task especially if you are not using the right cleaning agents. No matter what you do, the smell will stay there. Long time cleaners in Northridge suggest that you use baking soda to absorb the bad smell.

Steam clean your carpets

Dry cleaning is not enough for a thorough carpet cleaning. At some point, you will have to steam clean your carpet or even use cleaning products, according to our specialists. Vacuuming and sweeping are important, but they are not enough. Steam cleaning is very effective even to kill molds and mildew hiding deep under the surface.

Remove mud

Mud on a white-colored carpet can make an entire floor look really ugly. It is advised to remove it as soon as possible. To avoid spreading the stain further, let the mud dry completely, and then scrape it off. After removing as much of it as possible, spot clean the area with a mild detergent and white vinegar solution.

Use baking soda for odor removal

Bad carpet odors are the result of mildew, high foot traffic, pet dirt and stains. Many things make your carpets smell bad. Although there are plenty of detergents on the market, start by using baking soda. It's natural and the best of ecofriendly products. It is perfect for odor removal. Sprinkle some soda over the carpet, let it stay overnight and vacuum the area the following day.

Make sure you perform regular rug cleaning

After vacuuming the rug on both sides, you should take it to a sunny room in the house or outside and beat it for a few seconds. If you see dust coming out of the item, then it is time for it to get thoroughly cleaned. In general, you should know that semiannual deep cleaning is sufficient for most types of rugs used in homes.

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